DIY Coconut Oil Lotion Bars

DIY Coconut Oil Lotion Bars | VeggieConverter

I may have a new favorite homemade gift: DIY coconut oil lotion bars! I absolutely love them and I hope those who get them as a gift this year will love them, too!

I just purchased a huge starter kit of essential oils (like this one HERE), so I’m going to be creating a lot more awesome beauty stuff. I’m loving the oils, do you use essential oils yet? If so, what’s your favorite? Mine is lemon for now. I’m sure that’ll change when I spend more time with my new ones. :)

DIY Coconut Oil Lotion Bars


1 cup coconut oil (buy some HERE)
1 cup beeswax (I use pellets from Amazon)
1/2 cup shea butter
1/2 cup almond oil
Essential oils of choice (lemon, Joy and lavender are all great choices) (I buy mine HERE)


Place all ingredients except essential oils in a quart mason jar. Bring a stock pot full of water to a boil with the uncapped jar sitting inside. Stir regularly until all ingredients melt completely.

Let cool slightly. Add oils and stir. Some of my favorite oils to use are Joy and lavender, both of which come in the Premium Starter Kit. Learn more about it HERE.

Pour into silicone molds like these I found: daisies silicone mold and snowflakes silicone mold.

Want to make lotion bars for Valentine’s Day gifts? Try these cute heart-shaped molds.

Let set completely (overnight is best). Pop out of the molds and place in mason jars, decorate and tag accordingly. :)

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Adapted from Frugal by Choice Lotion Bars. 

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DIY Coconut Oil Lotion Bars | VeggieConverter

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  1. deepa says

    Hi I’d love to make this. Is this a winter lotion bar? How could I tweak the recipe for use in summer? Would love to hear from you.
    Thank you!

    • Daria says

      I would possibly try peppermint or tea tree essential oils and possibly jojoba or argan oils. They tend to absorb into the skin easily. The essential oils would keep you nice and cool.

  2. Cathy Brashler says

    I really like this idea, do they need to be refrigerated? I know coconut oil will melt above 70-something degrees. Is this an issue?

  3. Alecia says

    Nice recipe. You should put the Shea butter in last because it’s heat sensitive, then the almond oil since it’s already a liquid. I learned this in a body butter class I went through with a certified aromatherapist.

  4. Janelle says

    I’d love to make this lotion but am sensitive to bees wax…I tried Burt’s Bees lip balm once and looked like Angelina Jolie. The puffy lips weren’t so bad :-) but the itching was AWFUL!! Any suggestions for replacing bees wax?

    • says

      I’d try a small canning jar (like @ 4 ounce). It should be fine in the winter, but the coconut oil will melt at high temps (80s/90s F) so don’t leave it in the car in the summertime. :)

    • says

      I use about 25 drops of oil per 3 cups of lotion bar mix, but it’s really up to you! I stop when I like how it smells. :) If you need the oil for therapeutic use, you’ll want more. About 25 drops per cup.

  5. Nancy A. says

    These little lotion bars are amazing! I am addicted already! They make my hands and heels so smooth and soft! Love them!!!!


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