50+ Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

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So, you’re thinking about joining Young Living and wondering what these Everyday Oils that come in the premium kit are all about? Here’s a rundown on the essential oils that come in the premium kit. From lavender to thieves oil and everywhere in-between, you’ll be able to provide natural relief for ailments from allergies to snoring.


1. Allergies: My absolute favorite for allergies, lavender essential oil is a simple non-chemical way to combat allergies from cat hair to pollen. It works so well, I haven’t yet taken an allergy pill this season (it’s already spring here in Georgia and the Dogwood petal snow has already begun).

2. Burns: I keep a bottle with a roll-on attachment in the kitchen. I cook a lot and I’m a little clumsy. When I rub lavender essential oil on the burn, the sting diminishes and the blister either never appears or heals much faster.

3. Acne: Especially when combined with melrose, lavender essential oil can heal skin blemishes like acne.

4. Eczema: An eczema cream made of coconut oil, shea butter, lavender and melrose essential oils is great for healing eczema.

5. Cold Sores: Lavender applied directly to the cold sore can help heal it faster than without using the essential oil.


6. Cleansing: Add a bit to your water in the morning or throughout the day. It not only makes your water tastier, it also cleanses your system. This is especially good for liver detox.

7. Plantar’s Warts: Rub lemon essential oil on a planter’s wart for several weeks, removing dead skin after a warm soak with a callus shaver. The plantar’s wart will be removed within about 6 weeks without the use of chemicals or freezing.

8. Lymph Node Relief: During cold and flu season, and even on an air plane, your lymph nodes can become inflamed. Rub lemon essential oil on your lymph nodes—especially those beneath your ears—and you’ll feel relief within moments. I always carry a bottle of lemon oil with a roll-on attachment in my liquids Ziploc in my carry-on bag.

9. Sticky Residue Removal: Whether your kid put a sticker on her favorite dress and it went through the wash, or you have a crazy toddler like myself who occasionally dumps honey on the carpet, you can remove sticky residue with lemon essential oil.

10. Natural Hand Sanitizer: Instead of chemical mixes, rub a drop of lemon essential oil on your hands to prevent the spread of germs.


11. Deodorizer: Purification essential oil is amazing for deodorizing. Diffuse it in a stinky room, add it to your homemade deodorant or drop it in to a stinky washing machine to eliminate foul odors fast.

12. Skeeter Stick: Sooth bug bites with a drop of purification essential oil. It calms the inflamed blood vessels around the bite, which causes itching.

13. Bug Repellent: Add a few drops of purification to water and spray for an all-natural chemical-free bug repellent. It even repels bed bugs!

14. Acne: Purification essential oil is a great spot treatment for acne. 

15. Sore Throats: Rub purification essential oil on the outside of your throat to prevent a sore throat from worsening.


16. Snoring Relief: Does your husband snore? Rub a bit of valor essential oil on his right big toe and night and that snoring will stop. It’s almost like magic.

17. Chiropractor in a Bottle: If you visit the chiropractor at all, valor is the essential oil for you. A few drops before and after treatment will make your adjustments hold much longer. And, it can even alleviate stiffness in your neck.

18. TMJ: Rub a few drops of valor essential oil on your jaw whenever TMJ pain flares up. It can relieve symptoms entirely. Reapply if pain returns.

19. Grinding Teeth: Valor essential oil can prevent teeth grinding at night if you rub a bit on your neck at bedtime.

20. Anxiety Relief: Dab valor essential oil on the neck, chest and the bottoms of your feet to ease anxiety.


21. Minimizes Stretch Marks: A few drops will help stretch marks fade away. Sun spots are similarly affected by frank essential oil.

22. Improves Breast Health: Rub it on your breasts and lower abdomen to promote breast health.

23. Boosts Immunity: Just one to three drops of Frank essential oil on the bottoms of your feet can help your immune system function.

24. Boosts Mood/Alleviates Depression: Diffusing or inhaling frankincense essential oil from your palms can alleviate depression.

25. Strengthen Nails: Apply a few drops at the base of your nails and then rub over the nail to strengthen bitter nails.


26. Indigestion & Nausea: Rubbing peppermint essential oil on your stomach can relieve indigestion or nausea.

27. Fever: Rub peppermint essential oil on the soles of the feet and back of the neck to naturally reduce fever. You can do the same for children, but should dilute with coconut oil first.

28. Headaches: Rub peppermint essential oil on the temples, forehead, sinuses, and the back of the neck to relieve headaches.

29. Sinus Congestion: I love this one. Use a roll-on top and rub peppermint essential oil over your sinuses. Be wary of your eyes. If you get too close, they’ll water. But the relief for sinus congestion is marvelous.

30. Motion Sickness: Prevent motion sickness by rubbing peppermint essential oil on your stomach and chest.


31. Depression: Rub joy essential oil over your heart, on your ears and on the insides of your wrists. You can also wear Joy on a diffuser necklace

32. Perfume: Joy also makes a great perfume. Bonus, it’ll boost your mood while smelling fantastic.

33. Stress/Anxiety: Joy is excellent for stress relief. Diffuse or rub a bit on your wrists and ears to relieve tension.

34. Mood Swings: This essential oil can stabilize your mood swings and keep you on an even keel. 

35. Postpartum: Apply to the heart and ears to relieve postpartum depression.


36. Inflammation: If you’re clumsy like me, or just get the occasional bump and bruise, PanAway essential oil is great for reducing inflammation for injury.

37. Joint Pain: Arthritis or joint pain? Rub PanAway essential oil on the affected areas for quick relief. If you have autoimmune disease triggering your joint pain, check out these 10 essential oils for autoimmune diseases, too.

38. Sore Muscles: PanAway is like a natural muscle rub. So why put those extra chemicals on your body when you can get muscle pain relief and a pleasant wintergreen smell from PanAway essential oil?

39. Growing Pains: Dilute with coconut oil to relieve growing pains in children.

40. Fibromyalgia: I use this on my sensitive spots from fibromyalgia. Mine are at the base of my spine and lower back and in the sciatica area. I rub a few drops of PanAway essential oil on whenever these pressure points act up for immediate pain relief.

Peace & Calming

41. Mellow Rowdy Kids: I absolutely adore diffusing this one in my car diffuser. We plug ours into the rear 12V outlet to mellow out our crazy kids on long drives. They get along in a much more sisterly manner, or at least what we’d like to see as sisterly. 

42. Sleep Aid: Insomniac or have occasional sleeping difficulties? I’m a lifetime insomniac and fibromyalgia makes this no better, since it causes restless sleep. Diffuse a bit of Peace & Calming essential oil in your vaporizing diffuser at bedtime for a restful night and easy sleep. You can also rub a few drops on the soles of your feet at bedtime.

43. Grinding Teeth: Peace & Calming essential oil can prevent teeth grinding at night if you rub a bit on your neck at bedtime.

44. Bath: Add a few drops of Peace & Calming essential oil and Epsom salts to your bath for a calm and relaxing bath.

45. Restless Leg Syndrome: Rub two to three drops on the legs to calm RLS.


46. Boost Immunity:  Rub Thieves essential oil on the bottoms of your feet to boost immunity. Also consider diffusing and cleaning with thieves to remove germs and further boost your immunity.

47. Disinfectant Spray: Combine with sea salt and water to create an easy DIY disinfectant spray.

48. Sore Throat: Gargle with a few drops of Thieves essential oil in water to sooth a sore throat. Dilute with coconut oil and apply to the outside of your throat for even more relief.

49. Dental Care: It’s one of the ingredients in homemade toothpastes for a reason. It helps with gingivitis and overall oral health.

50. Mold: Diffusing Thieves essential oil and using Thieves cleaners naturally kills mold in the air.

Bonus: Stress Away

Stress Away is a roll on essential oil, not in the Everyday Essential Oils collection, which comes in the Premium Enrollment Kit.

1. Stress Relief: Duh, right? Rub this on your wrists and the back of your neck for stress reduction.

2. Mental Agility: Stress Away essential oil also helps with reducing mental rigidity and restoring mental balance.

3. Calming Drink: Put a few drops of Stress Away essential oil oil in your water in preparation for stressful situations like big meetings or an extended visit from your mother-in-law.

I hope you learned something new from this list of 50+ amazing uses for everyday essential oils. If you want to learn more about essential oils, join my Essential Oils Facebook group! We talk about essential oils and their uses in every category of life.

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