10 Essential to Naturally Support Your Thyroid

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Essential Oils to Support Your Thyroid | @VeggieConverter

I have a wonky thyroid. For the past few years I’ve been on increasingly larger doses of Synthroid. But last month, for the first time, MY DOSAGE WENT DOWN!

In addition to changing my diet from fairly strict vegetarian to autoimmune Paleo (about 80/20), I started supporting my thyroid with essential oils.

Here’s my current daily thyroid routine:

I’ve had excellent results from many of the essential oils for autoimmune conditions. I’ve been using EndoFlex and Myrrh regularly and plan to add Thyromin supplement next month.

I’m down from 100 mcg to 88 mcg and I’m hopeful that my numbers will keep improving!

If your thyroid is wonky like mine, try these 10 essential oils to naturally regulate your thyroid and improve your symptoms.

10 Essential Oils for Wonky Thyroids

More than 40 percent of the population suffers from underactive thyroid. That’s a lot of us. 

Symptoms include weight gain, fatigue, reduced immune function and hair loss. And for some of us, the symptoms are the same or worse even on medication.

1. Endoflex: Endoflex contains the essential oils geranium, spearmint, sage, myrtle, nutmeg, German chamomile and sesame seed oil. Apply it neat to the thyroid area to balance and support thyroid function. This is effective for both hypo and hyper function of your thyroid.

2. Myrrh: Pure unadulterated Myrrh essential oil (like Young Living’s) can be rolled on over the thyroid to balance thyroid function.

3. Copaiba: This essential oil is amazing for treating inflammation, which is at the core of autoimmune issues. You can take copaiba internally in a capsule to reduce internal inflammation or rub it on sore tendons to reduce pain from inflammation. You can also add it to your water in the morning to heal your gut and body. It’s full of beta carophyllene, which supports your body’s natural response to injury or irritation.

4. Ledum: Another strong anti-inflammatory, ledum can be rubbed over the thyroid to support it.

5. Clove: Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make it a great addition to a thyroid-boosting blend.

6. Myrtle: Myrtle helps normalize hormonal imbalances of the thyroid. Myrtle is one of four essential oils in the Thyromin supplement.

7. Peppermint: Another of the Thyromin essential oils, peppermint also works especially well when mixed in a roll-on bottle with Lemongrass essential oil.

8. Spearmint: This is great for digestion and nausea prevention. It’s also a stress reducer and is one of the essential oils in Young Living’s Thyromin supplement.

9. Thyromin supplement: Thyromin capsules can help both low and high thyroid function by naturally balancing your thyroid gland. It includes Peppermint, Spearmint, Myrtle and Myrrh essential oils as well as Bovine adrenal and pituitary gland extract.

10. En-R-Gee: En-R-Gee contains Nutmeg, black pepper, rosemary and clove and these  are natural energy enhancers that will help with fatigue. If you also suffer from adrenal fatigue, En-R-Gee will also help you by supporting the adrenal glands.

Get started on the oily journey to healing your thyroid today by learning more about becoming a Young Living wholesale member. And be sure to join my Oily Mamas essential oils Facebook group, a lot of us in there have autoimmune issues, so it’s a great support network.

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  1. Laurinda says

    If you’re on Synthroid, & still experiencing hypo symptoms, then perhaps you need a medication that replaces more than just the one hormone. Mary Shomon on About.com has a lot of information on T4 only drugs, & how they don’t always work for everyone.
    Or see the website Stop the Thyroid Madness.

    • Nicole says

      Agree! Synthroid makes hyperthyroid worse…..Just because you went “down” on synthroid means nothing.

  2. Chris says

    hi, what is #4 ledum exactly? I cannot translate it into german… what is the botanical name?
    I’ve found crystal tea, marsh tea and wild rosemary and I don’t know which one is right^^

  3. AUDREY says



  4. MaYu says

    How do you apply the oil? Bottom of feet, on neck, or take with food? Other? Thanks.

  5. Mkoteel says


    I got Myrrh, Myrtle & Endoflex for my husband since he has hypothyroidism. What is the regimen I should follow? Please help.


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