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Easy Freezer Smoothies Packs | @VeggieConverter

My girls and I eat a lot of smoothies. Like, after school snack nearly every day is some variety of smoothies. Often, they also want smoothies for breakfast. Mr. Meaty is not a big smoothies guy (gasp…he’s not a fan of yogurt!). So, in order to make my after school smoothies easier and his breakfast smoothies for the girls possible, I started making smoothies freezer packs. They’re stupid easy, honestly. I just jam-pack a quart freezer bag (or a reusable freezer bag) full of fruits and veggies. Then, when it’s time to make smoothies, I dump the contents into the blender, fill it the rest of the way with homemade yogurt and let the blender go to town.

Sometimes we change up the ingredients a little. But primarily, this is our go-to smoothie recipe and, therefore, what goes into our smoothie freezer packs.

Easy Freezer Smoothie Packs

Makes about 4 smoothies per pack

Ingredients per pack

Large handful power greens (I get Taylor Farms organic mix of chard, kale and spinach at Costco)
1 banana
6 large strawberries
1 cup blueberries


Pack a quart freezer bag FULL of your fruits and veggies. I start with the fruits and then just jam the rest full of power greens. If it’s not full, add more of whatever is your favorite. Label and freeze.

Once you’re ready to make your smoothies, get your baggie out of the freezer. Dump the whole thing in your blender. Pour whole milk yogurt over it until you’ve reached your blender’s fill line (about 4 cups in my case). Blend like crazy until it’s smooth.

If your kids like things sweeter, add another banana, some dates or a bit of honey, to taste.

Pour your yummy drinks into mason jars with lids and refrigerate any unused portion. So simple! So delicious.

We mix up our ingredients sometimes to include mango, pineapple or whatever happens to be in season. Have fun with it and make it your own.

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Easy Freezer Smoothies Packs | @VeggieConverter

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