Perfect Crispy Hashbrowns Technique


Crispiness is an absolute must for hashbrowns. But how to achieve it is a bit of a debate. I’ve done crispy hashbrowns before, but it involved broiling and was a little more complicated that I’m capable of early in the mornings. I’m not the best at waking up and making breakfast. Luckily, I have a husband who likes to make breakfast or we’d likely starve until lunch. He actually found this wonderful perfect hashbrowns technique.

The key isn’t how long you cook them or even how you cook them, but instead in how you prep your potatoes. You know that annoying step in preparing rice where you rinse off all the excess starch until the water runs clear? Turns out that annoying step is great for potatoes, too! I’ve been known to skip that step in rice preparation, but it is always better if I don’t.

So all you do is shred your raw potatoes, place the shredded potatoes in a colander and rinse off that starch until the water runs clear. Then you can prep your hashbrown potatoes however you like. I like to fry them in a bit of coconut oil for about 10 minutes over medium high heat, or until they are deliciously brown and crispy. They are incredibly fast and super delicious. Any excess water that was on the potatoes from the rinsing just evaporated right off, so don’t even worry about drying them off before they go in the pan. Perfect!

Perfect Crispy Hashbrowns


Raw potatoes, shredded
Coconut oil or olive oil


Rinse shredded potatoes in water until it runs clear. Squeeze off excess water.
Fry in a pan with a bit of coconut oil until crispy.

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  1. SarahM says

    Great tip, thanks! Also, I never knew I was suppose rinse off rice. Hmm…I bet that’s why my rice is never as awesome as I think it should be. lol!

    • says

      No problem! One of those annoying but helpful tips for rice. :) It does make a difference, but sometimes I can’t be bothered. Hah.