My Birthday, Your Presents!


Friday the 13th is my birthday, and I’m giving YOU the presents. I’ve collected a lot of blog schwag over the past several years and my kitchen is OVERFLOWING with appliances, kitchen gear and such. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we started this blog journey (November 2010 was our start date).

So, if you’ve already commented about something you need that I have (kitchen gear only please) as part of the $1000 Amazon gift card giveaway or you comment on this post now, you’ll be getting a birthday present from me. If I send you an email (please include it in the comment if you can) and you respond with your shipping address within 48 hours, you’ll get a present!!

Anything that doesn’t get picked I’ll give away to random winners! So comment no matter what your crazy guesses are because you’ll still have a chance to win some foodie schwag!

I’m so excited. Who wants to help me celebrate!?

You’re welcome to cheat and page through the blog to see what I’ve given away in the past. For most items, I’ve gotten one to keep and may be giving it away now! Can’t think of anything? Just make a guess or tell me what YOU’D want for your birthday (remember: you could still win, no matter how random!)

Happy birthday to me (and to you! and to all my wonderful readers out there)! Thank you for your continued support and undying awesomeness. <3 you all.

Photo Credit: donbuciak via Compfight cc

UPDATE: If you commented on the $1000 Amazon Card Giveaway, you may want to check your comment over there since I’ve asked for more specifics on a few wishes. :-)

Be sure to also leave your email address so I can contact you directly for shipping info!

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    • says

      You mean like the kind with two beaters? All I have of that is a crappy one I bought myself. I do however have an extra stick blender…

  1. says

    Happy Birthday (tomorrow)! I am perpetually broke and I never win anything, so I’d pretty much be tickled with any treat I might be gifted! :) Have a great day! May all your birthday wishes come true (as long as you throw in one about the Cotton Bowl!)!

  2. dawn says

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope you have an awesome day!! thanks for sharing with us.. I too would be grateful for any gift.

  3. Krystle says

    Happy happy birthday! Friday the 13th is my favorite day, I hope it is the BEST for you! For you birthday, I could really use a set of knives or an immersion blender =)

  4. says

    Happy birthday!!! I have such a long kitchen wishlist right now… besides the someday items like a Dutch Oven and Vitamix or Blendtec, I also spend a lot of time wishing I had an immersion blender (more than anything actually!!), a dehydrator, a crock pot, a food mill, and a fermentation crock…. someday…

  5. SarahM says

    Happy birthday to you! I’m in desperate need of a new loaf pan and muffin tin. Or cast iron anything, I love that stuff and I need more :)

  6. Karen D says

    Happy, happy birthday, Kristi!

    I would love the KitchenAid PastaPress attachment. (or a set of knives) or just about anything you don’t want… :)

  7. Candice says

    Happy Birthday! I would love almost anything, but especially a tofu press, mixer, or a set of knives.

  8. Kristin says

    Happy happy birthday to you! I would love new cookie sheets or any type of cake making paraphernalia (thank goodness for spell check!) or kitchen aid mixer attachments. I’d also like a bread maker. Oh and a partridge in a pear tree!! That would be awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Sara gillman says

    Happy birthday! Mine is next week! December babies rock!!

    I don’t have anything specific really! Something pink!? Haha

  10. Annette says

    Happy birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day. My daughters (twins) were born on Friday the 13th, many years ago (and in a different month).

    What I’d really like is a maid – do you think you could find one in your stash? I’ll even pay for shipping. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love surprises, especially when they have cords with plugs on the ends. A food dehydrator is on my wishlist. This is such a generous gesture.

  11. Karen D says

    Both December babies! Today’s my brother’s birthday, too!

    Happy day to your husband! Hope yours was great, and his is, too!

    All out of guesses today, though.

    And if you’re getting snow, hope you all can enjoy. Me, I’m not looking forward to shoveling, but that’s the way it goes.

  12. Tallia says

    Happy birthday to you and your husband! I have had a pizza stone and springform pans on my wish list for a long time, so I would love one of those!

  13. Angela Cash says

    Happy Birthday! I have many kitchen items on my holiday wishlist. I would love to have a set of glass food storage containers, a new coffee maker, a bread machine… The list just goes on and on.

  14. Corina A. says

    I already commented over at the contest but I will add that I would love a Vitamix or cast iron cookware (especially loaf pans) to replace my nonstick stuff I have had for 3 years. And I would buy more cloth diaper covers for my kids with that awesome gift card! Wow what a big heart you have!

    • says

      I don’t have a Vitamix, but I do have a few loaf pans. Not cast iron though. Would you be OK with regular metal without nonstick coating?

      • Corina says

        That would be great :) I am just trying to stay away from aluminum and non stick, so I have been trying to find stainless steel, stoneware, or cast iron. Not to behave ungraciously >_<

  15. Darla says

    I just now got your email at work. HAPPY late BIRTHDAY wish to you. I have just started eating healthier ( for health reasons ) lol and I have absolutely nothing in the kitchen that the recipes call for as far as appliances. Thank you in advance if your able to help ( if i;m not already too late ) :)

  16. Lorina says

    Happy Birthday! For your birthday I cold really use a large fry pan! My 9 inch just isn’t up to the task anymore!

  17. Natasha says

    Happy birthday! I’d love something for cutting onions that keeps the onion gas from getting to my eyes and/or chops and dices easily. Or just any vegetable-chopping devices, like a veggie noodle-maker…I have trouble getting through all my CSA veggies because it’s SO MUCH WORK!

  18. dawn says

    I would love baking pans,tool to squeeze lemons and oranges for the juice. coffee/spice grinder, anything really…i am needing to restock my kitchen

  19. Katherine says

    Happy birthday!! I would love a dehydrator and some casserole baking dishes! Hope you got everything you wanted too! :0)

  20. Kristen says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope Friday the 13th brought you lots of luck! I would love a Vita Mix as i cant seem to bring myself to spend the money on one when i have a decent blender. Or any Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachments. I would be lost this time of year without my Kitchen Aid. Cookie Season is in full effect!

    • says

      I hear ya on the blender debate. I don’t have a VitaMix but recently got a different high powered blender as a present. Love it so far.
      And which types of attachments would you use? I have a few left. :)

      • Vanessa says

        I have none. It seems the box they were in got thrown out when we moved. My back up mixer needs a new cord and my newer one seems to be missing after the move as well. I think Santa Michael needs to replace it all together!!

  21. Virginia says

    Happy belated Birthday. I’m new to your site today and already enjoying it. I just jumped on the Paleo bandwagon too and would love a spiral slicer that seems to be all the rage! I love to cook and love all kitchen gadgets! I’m addicted!

  22. Vanessa says

    And seeing as how my stand mixer died, a new one would be nice! Happy late birthday to you, err, us!

  23. Lynn Martin says

    Hope you had a great birthday!! I need to get a new saucepot….mine kicked the bucket. :( Looking for a nice Farberware set or something.
    I love my Kitchenaid Mixer, I have had mine over 20 yrs….always wanted the pasta attachment for it. Also have an immersion blender on my wish list, and a new Crock Pot.
    Hope to help you celebrate!

  24. Jackie says

    Happy happy birthday! I could use any kitchen gadget/accessory! I feel like I’m spending all my money on food and classroom supplies. My poor kitchen is behind :)

  25. Christine Mayfield says

    Happy Birthday! Have any extra pots or pans laying around? Or a panini press. Those things are so neat looking. I am asking hubby for a Vitamix for my 30th birthday so I won’t write that down here lol.

  26. Donna L. says

    Are all of the KA attachments spoken for? I don’t have any, but do dream of having the scraping paddle or an extra bowl one day. Or if you were to find another tofu press that would be awesome! Happy belated Birthday! You share my husband’s birthday :) Thanks.

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