GIVEAWAY: What they SHOULD have given you this Mother’s Day….{Grain Mill and Pasta Press Attachments}

Happy Day After Mother’s Day everyone! Time to get back to reality (if you ever really got to leave it). I have an awesome opportunity for a belated Mother’s Day gift for yourself today. KitchenAid will be giving one of my readers two attachments: the Grain Mill Attachment (KGM) and Pasta Press Attachment (KPEXTA).

My jaw dropped and I did a fun, albeit probably somewhat unsexy, happy dance when KitchenAid told me I would get the opportunity to review these attachments myself and give another set to a reader!

Here are my new lovely ladies. My Grain Mill Attachment is a beauty. I have sent so much quinoa through already that I just don’t know what I did without her. My Pasta Press and I haven’t gotten along quite as well…I didn’t trust my first pasta dough recipe and ended up adding waaaay too much liquid. So, we had a bit of a spat. But after my Quinoa Egg Noodles experience, we’re getting along much better. It wasn’t her fault after all. I just had a case of the nervous nellies about using her again after that messy experience.

Grain Mill Attachment~My thoughts on her so far (after about 1 month of use):

  • Crazy easy to clean (I basically just have to dust it off)
  • Easy to operate…just pour in the grain and crank that baby up to 11…err, I mean 10. :)
  • It works! After researching grain mills for a while now, I thought I’d need a dedicated grain mill even for small jobs. But no, the KitchenAid attachment is absolutely perfect for milling grain for pasta and small batches of bread.

KGM Grain Mill Attachment

  • One downside, if you’re making crazy amounts of bread (which I’m not), you do have a relatively small hopper capacity (about 2.5 cups of grain). And, it’s not recommended to grind more than 10 cups of flour in a sitting. You need to shut it off for 45 minutes to let your stand mixer cool down between batches if you’re doing a ton of flour. Now, I’ve never needed more than 10 cups of flour in a sitting, but perhaps some people do.
  • It’s crazy cheap compared to dedicated grain mills. If you’re just getting interested or started in grinding your own flour, this is definitely the way to go. While this Grain Mill Attachment retails for $149.99, most dedicated electric grain mills start around $250.
  • Space saving=awesome. Since I’ve started the whole Get Real thing, I’ve noticed my kitchen shrinking. With all the extra cooking and experimenting, I’m running out of room. The relatively tiny attachment grain mill is great for small or overcrowded kitchens.

And now for something completely different…the Pasta Press Attachment.

Pasta Press Attachment~My thoughts (after about 1 month of use…granted, I was scared of her for about 2 weeks of that…so really half a month):

  • When you use it, ahem, correctly…it’s easy to clean. You just let the pasta dough dry up and brush it off. If you’re an experimenter like myself and tend to use recipes as a jumping off point (not always to your advantage), and send through super wet dough…it’s kind of ugly. You can’t submerge the main unit in water, so you have to work around and scrape of the dry bits of dough after a long wait. Sigh. Never let me near a dough recipe with variable water amounts, EVER AGAIN.

    KPEXTA Pasta Press Attachment

  • A little bit more complicated to operate, but simple once you get the hang of it. With the pasta press, it’s not just a matter of cranking it to a certain number on your stand mixer. It varies by pasta. Also, while you place walnut-sized dough balls into the hopper, they don’t always come out perfectly without a little assistance from the included food pusher. I was pretty bad at the food pushing at first. I had to have Mr. Meaty show me how to do it correctly.
  • A little more “intense” than the grain mill. With the grain mill, you can pretty much just sit back and let her rip. With the pasta press, you have to be actively engaged. Pushing the dough ball through the press and using the attached slicer to cut lengths of noodles requires your attention throughout the process.
  • Once you get the hang of the process, it’s pretty easy! It’s not as intuitive as the grain mill, but once you run a couple of batches through the pasta press, it’s just a matter of waiting for your noodles.
  • Variety of pasta plates is way cool. The unit comes with SIX pasta cutting plates: interchangeable pasta plates to make fresh spaghetti, bucatini, rigatoni, fusilli, and small or large macaroni. Awesome! And, BONUS, the pasta press gets to wear the plates inside it’s cute little clear plastic hat. Win! That saves space and keeps me from losing the plates, too.

Overall, I had a great experience with both attachments. They’re my new babies and I would definitely recommend them to a friend who is getting into making their own bread and pasta. Another feature I’m super excited about, but that I haven’t tried yet, is grinding dry beans and corn. It will be so awesome to have protein-packed bean flour to mix into vegetarian and vegan meals.

You have until 12:01 a.m. Monday, May 21 to enter to win these KitchenAid attachments. Good luck to everyone!

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*attachment photos courtesy KitchenAid

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  1. Lindsay S. says

    My husband and I are trying to make some changes to our diet and I am really hoping to start making my own bread and pasta. I love my KitchenAid stand mixer and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have these!

  2. Brooke says

    Which one do I need the most? Both would be a blessing, but I would love the grain mill attachment. My kids have food allergies, so I do all of my own baking. And to make my own grain? That would be incredible.

    • says

      Hahaha…Rafflecopter does the picking…think happy thoughts at the widget. If you don't win, you're welcome to come borrow mine. :)

  3. Andrea Ferak says

    I've been wanting a grain meal but couldn't bring myself to add another bulky item to my small kitchen. This small attachment is AWESOME! Just what I want!!!

  4. Gab says

    I would love a Pasta Press Attachment. Your review of both attachments is great, really helpful hints.

  5. moi says

    Would love to try BOTH attachments!! My daughter would love the benifits of the pasta one:)

  6. Tatum Kimzey says

    I so want a pasta maker!! My arms get a real workout with the rolling pin!!

  7. M.P. says

    I could definitely use the pasta attachment. We eat pasta all the time, but fresh pasta is SO expensive. And I'd love to give making my own flours a try, to make some gluten-free items.

  8. Lilly Reynolds says

    I've been slowly but surely trying to be more real when it comes to food. Bread is my next endeavor.

  9. Mary says

    Would love both, but especially the pasta press. Love to make fresh pasta, with ingredients that I KNOW are good for me, and this looks like it would save loads of time. Love my KitchenAid!!

  10. Rebecca Christensen says

    I need the pasta attachment! I've been wanting it for ages but it's just too pricey. I hope I win!

  11. says

    Ahhh – I have BOTH of these attachments on my Amazon wish list! I'm doing the "Get Real" thing too. :) I would love to win these!

  12. says

    I need both attachments. We make all our own baby food, the grain mill would be awesome! and since we are also reducing our gluten intake, the grain mill would be great for making my own flours that is so much less expensive! The pasta attachment is something I have wanted for a long time to make fresh pastas.

  13. laura motz says

    would love the grain mill attachment. have wanted to make my own breads from fresh ground grains for years, but its not within my financial means

  14. Suzanne Rogers says

    I need all the attachments, got mixer for Christmas and haven't gotten any attachments yet, I would gladly use any one of them. I love to cook and bake.

  15. Jennifer says

    I would love these attachments! I am saving up for a KitchenAid mixer right now, so these would be a nice addition :-).

  16. Kelly says

    I would love these. It would make flours for our gluten free household a lot easier.

  17. Konica croft says

    I most need the grain mill becUse of my sons wheat alergy! It would make life sooo much easier!

  18. Angelia Johnson says

    I was just talking about this with my husband.I would love to own it but don't have the budget yet to spend on another tool.

  19. Gail Elizabeth says

    Oh how I would wear that Pasta Attachment out! I don't own any attachments yet, but I've been wanting the pasta one for quite a while!

  20. Jen S. says

    I have been really wanting to make my own pasta, the grain mill would just be a huge added bonus!

  21. kaylon says

    I love your blog! What a fun give away. Thank you for the opportunity. I'm dying to try the pasta maker. The mill sounds super handy too.

  22. Becky says

    I want the pasta maker!!! I love the idea of making all my own stuff from scratch. I have "borrowed" my mother's grain mill–it would be nice to have my own.

  23. Melody says

    I need the grain mill! I have a hand powered one and I bake all of our bread! Man I'm tired! :)

  24. Candice Storm says

    OMG! I have been wanting both of these and winning them would be that much better!

  25. Jenny says

    I would love both! Do you think the grain mill would make it easier to do baby cereal? I make my own baby food and right now am using a food processor to do the grains and I wonder if the mill would do it too finely or if it would be perfect? Still would be amazing to find out easily if I had it to try out! 😀

    • says

      I know a lot of people who grind rice in it to make their own rice cereal. And there are a whole range of settings from fine to coarse milling, so you can adjust it as needed for your cereal!

  26. Becky says

    I've never used any attachments, but we LOVE pasta. I've been too afraid to try it!

  27. Sharon says

    Going gluten free has been expensive for us, so I'd enjoy trying a grain mill to try out new flours for bread.

  28. Emilie says

    Wow. This looks like so much fun! I have really wanted to try milling my own grain.

  29. Christine says

    I think I would be more likely to use the pasta attachment. I would love to make homemade pasta, but without a pasta machine it's a very daunting prospect; and I'm not sure I'm interested in putting in as much elbow grease (at least not at first) as the hand-cranked ones require.

  30. Becky says

    I've been eying the pasta attachment, but haven't been able to cough up the money… But the grain mill is interesting too!

  31. jessica says

    I've actually been researching grain mills recently. I'd love to just have one as an attachment for my Kitchen Aid!

  32. Patty D. says

    Oh my, I would love either of these! I'm sure my husband would enjoy the grain mill to use for his beer brewing too :)

  33. says

    I NEED the meat grinder attachment. Hey you didn't say I had to choose my NEED from the two that are being given away. BUT I would LOVE to have the grain mill and pasta thingy. :)

  34. heather jane says

    I have a kitchen aid and I would really love to have the small grain mill. We share the same small kitchen problem!

  35. Carla T says

    I have a Kitchen Aid and I use the shredder all of the time but I really would like to have the pasta maker as well. I currently grind my flour at my parents house with their Nutrimill, so the grain mill would be more of a convenience.

  36. Alexandra mcstay says

    I would love either attachment, but would probably use the pasta one more.

  37. Rhonda says

    The Pasta Press would be fabulous (but both would be even better). I am trying hard to get the family to eat more whole grains on a regular basis. Usually, they are cooperative, though they tend to put their feet down with regards to store-bought wheat pastas. I don't blame them, some taste like cardboard. I would LOVE to be able to make my own pastas (and with both attachments, my own breads!)

  38. says

    I'm lusting after a grain mill… my mother has one, so after a few months of freshly ground flour blends and making my own cracked cereal mixes, I'm spoiled rotten.

  39. says

    I need the pasta attachment! I have been looking at getting one because I make my own crackers and it would be easier to roll them out with the pasta attachment.

  40. Tracy S says

    the pasta attachment would be great for making gluten free pasta! I am new at this, and making it would make me feel better knowing for sure what was in it!

  41. Liz says

    love my kitchen aid…don’t have any attachments yet, but I do use it for pizza and bread doughs

  42. Erin says

    The pasta attachment would be wonderful for making my husband’s, family’s hand me down pasta recipes!

  43. Christine M says

    I really would love the pasta attachment so I can stop buying boxed noodles =)

  44. carol says

    I would give it to my daughter as she loves to cook but has hand trouble so this would help her make her crackers and pasta much easier along with flours and even puppy food. We would all use it well as we are all gluten free .

  45. says

    I would love the kitchen aid mixer attachment pack for shredding veggies, rotor slicer shredder, food grinder, fruit and veggie strainer, then to be able to do citrus fruit as well. Love my kitchen aid mixer getting use to using it in the kitchen.

  46. Karen says

    I so wish I could win, as both of these are on my wishlist! But if I had to choose one, it would be the pasta press! :)


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