I’m 36 and I Still Have Zits: DIY Homemade Acne (Zit Zapper) Spray

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Acne Zapper | @VeggieConverter

I’m 36 years old and, from some ironic miracle of hormones, I still have pimples. It’s ridiculous, right? It runs in the family, even in our 50s and 60s our ladies get zits. Lame. So, what to do? Well, use natural essential oils as a zit zapper, of course.

My acne is mostly on my chin. I hear that means it’s a hormonal imbalance thing. But, whatever the cause, they’re annoying. Post babies, you’re supposed to be able to revel in the bliss of zitlessness and clear, glowing skin, right? Or even suffer from dry skin. I’m sure that sucks, too. But today I’d take it. Not only are zits annoying, they usually hurt. Uncomfortable little nasty-looking things on your face, not cool. So, I turn to nature, since well, the sciency creams and stuff scare me a little with all their side effects. You know the kind:

“Warning: This heartburn treatment medication may cause anal leakage. Or, in rare instances, death.”

Um, No Thanks. So, enter lavender and Melrose.

Lavender is one of the most valuable oils for acne. It inhibits the bacteria that cause the skin infection and helps rebalance the over-secretion of sebum, which the bacteria thrive on. It can also reduce scarring.

And then there’s Melrose blend. The major bonus of Melrose is the tea tree, or melaleuca oil. But the blend can cleanse and provide a protective barrier against skin challenges like scrapes, cuts, wounds and insect bites. The blend  of oils are support the body’s ability to attack bacteria and fungus. On top of the tea tree oil, Melrose also has Melaleuca quinquenervia, rosemary, and clove essential oils.

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Homemade Lavender-Melrose
Acne Treatment (Zit Zapper) Spray


10 drops Melrose essential oil
10 drops Lavender essential oil
witch hazel


Use a dropper to put oils into a 2 ounce glass spray bottle. Fill remainder with witch hazel.

To use, spritz your problem areas (for me it’s my chin) with the zip zapper once in the morning and once at night.

Both oils have healing properties and are antiseptics. Plus, witch hazel is an astringent. So, combined, this formula should zap your zits.

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Acne Zapper | @VeggieConverter


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  1. Common Skin Problems says

    Thanks for sharing your own remedy. I’m just wondering…. I have an oily skin, would it be suitable for me to use essential oils on my zits?


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