Cheese Blintzes with Plum and Blueberries {Vegetarian}

Day 184.
Veggie Converter 365Our family went to IHOP a lot when I was a kid. Some of my fondest memories are of waitresses trying to convince my father (who is about 5’9 and of small, athletic build) that he really would be unable to eat the stack of pancakes, cheese omelet and whatever third dish he’d ordered that day. He never failed to prove them wrong. There was usually a jaw drop involved. Dad eats once a day and runs some ridiculous amount of miles every day. He can put the food away.

While dad was enjoying his feast, I very often enjoyed cheese blintzes with strawberry preserves. So delicious. Imagine my dismay when these little treats were not on the menu for my latest visit to IHOP. I mean, I can make crepes, but I’ve never made the blintzy delicious filling. So, now I’m going to try, just in case IHOP never sees the error of their ways. And, since it’s Fourth of July weekend, I’m topping them with “Patriotic” (aka red, white and blue) toppings: Plum Jam, blueberries and sour cream.

Cheese Blintzes with Plum and Blueberries

  • 6 large crepes (I used the Betty Crocker recipe for 12 six-inch crepes, but in a 10-inch pan)
  • Filling:
    • 2 cups ricotta cheese
    • 1 cup cream cheese
    • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla

Whip together all ingredients of filling. Put about 3-4 tablespoons inside each large crepe. Roll up tightly. Top with toppings, or serve toppings on the side.

The Results
Slurp. Love it. I’m not a crepe master, so I lost one or two while trying to flip. The kids were happy with the scrappy crepes and the filling and topping was awesome.

What are you having for Sunday Brunch, Breakfast or Lunch?

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  1. Melynda says

    These look beautiful! I can't wait for you to link this with Cookbook Sundays, thanks!

  2. Melynda says

    Woke up this morning to the birds singing and these shared on Cookbook Sunday link up, thanks so much! Have a great day.