Bacony Twice-Baked Potatoes Recipe

I don’t know about you all, but I have waaaaay too much food in the house still. I need a pantry challenge! So, I’m using up everything I have (even some of those no-so-whole-foods I have in the back of the cabinet). I think I’ll get through everything by the end of the month. Today I’m doing a Bacony Twice-Baked Potato, using some leftover TVP for bacon. If you’re a whole foodie who doesn’t use TVP, try these with Mushroom Bacony Bits  or Bacony Quinoa instead.

I always seem to have a preponderance of potatoes in my CSA box, so this is a great recipe to use to make a yummy meal out of a big batch of leftover baked potatoes. And, of course, the best part is mixing up the mix-ins however everyone likes them. In this version, I left off the green onions (our strange kids will gobble them up raw, but not cooked…weirdos). But feel free to use whatever add-ins you like. For the TVP, I added a bit of bacony salt (made with smoked tomato spice blend just like the Bacony Quinoa) to make the crunchy/chewy TVP simulate bacon. Delicious.


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    So, I found Bacon Salt in my grocery store next to the popcorn flavorings. I bought it. Of course, the low sodium version–I am healthy, right? (insert sarcasm). Anyway, I’ve only tried it on popcorn, but it worked fairly well. I’m glad that even veggie eaters understand the power of bacon! :)