10 Essential Oils for Autoimmune Diseases

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10 Essential Oils for Autoimmune Diseases | @VeggieConverter

Autoimmune diseases suck. Hard. They’re like nasty little never-ending battles with your body. Inflammation is the major culprit, so fighting the symptoms of autoimmune disease naturally starts with what you eat and what you put on your body. First, look into a grain-free Paleo diet. And next, consider homeopathic options like essential oils. Check out these 10 essential oils and blends that help with the symptoms and causes of autoimmune disorders.

10 Essential Oils for Autoimmune Diseases

1. Frankincense:  Drop 2-3 drops of Frankincense  under the tongue four times a day for two weeks for a boost to the initial cleansing process. Also, at bedtime, apply 2-3 drops each of Frankincense and Valor essential oils to the bottoms of the feet.

2. Valor: In the morning, rub 1-2 drop of Valor essential oil on the bottoms of your feet. This is especially effective for Lupus symptoms. Valor contains  spruce (Picea mariana), rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) and frankincense (Boswellia carteri) in a base of coconut oil.

3. Joy: A common symptom/side effect of autoimmune disease is depression. Rub Joy essential oil blend on your wrists and behind your ears several times per day as a mood booster.

4. Lemon Oil: Add 1-3 drops of Lemon essential oil to each glass of water you drink during the day. Also, be sure to drink lots of water-use glass containers ONLY. Lemon oil is great for cleansing and inflammation. If you need more inflammation help, try Copaiba. As an autoimmune sufferer, you’re especially susceptible to the toxins in plastics and styrofoam.

5. Myrrh: Especially helpful for thyroid conditions like mine, Myrrh essential oil can help boost thyroid activity for those suffering from hypothyroidism.

6. DiGize: For digestive issues related to your autoimmune disease, rub DiGize essential oil on your belly whenever symptoms occur.

7. R.C.: For any breathing-related issues, diffuse R.C. essential oil to clear your lungs and improve your breathing.

8. PanAway: For arthritis symptoms and joint issues, rub PanAway essential oil on the achy area. Add gelatin into your daily diet for help reducing joint pain.

9. Ylang Ylang: For any heart issues, rub Ylang Ylang essential oil over your heart once daily.

10. Ongoing Support Blend: Mix up your own blend of 3-4 drops each of Thieves essential oil blend, Lemongrass  essential oil and Marjoram essential oil and take in a capsule for ongoing symptom and inflammation reduction.

Since I’ve been using essential oils, my daily pills have reduced from 20-something down to 2! I take a thyroid hormone and a muscle relaxer. That’s it! It’s honestly amazing. If you’re interested in essential oils, please consider buying them here.

Learn more about my battle with autoimmune disease-related depression.

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10 Essential Oils for Autoimmune Diseases | @VeggieConverter essentialoils health autoimmune

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  1. Rebecca A says

    I have RSD and I LOVE my deep relief roll on. I use it where my pain is and it helps tons. I also use stress away roll on to help with tension in my shoulder and neck. I will have to try some of the others too.

  2. Deb Brandt says

    My 5 year grandson has just been diagnosed with Alopecia areata. He has several bald spots that have appeared in the last few months. The pediatrician told my daughter it is an autoimmune disease and there is nothing that can be done. Any suggestions?

    • says

      One of the great things about autoimmune is that there is A LOT you can do about it. I’d suggest looking at his diet first. Try going on a Whole30 and see if diet affects his hair at all. Here’s what I found specific to alopecia:
      Here are the oils that are documented to reduce hair loss. In general, we want oils that increase circulation, minimize hair loss and promote growth.

      Essential Oils Hair Loss (Alopecia):

      Rosemary Essential Oil

      Lavender Essential Oil**

      Cedarwood Essential Oil

      Thyme Essential Oil
      Base or carrier oils: Grape seed, jojoba or borage.
      –via http://www.experience-essential-oils.com/essential-oils-hair-loss.html

      Since he’s so young, you’ll want to put this on with a carrier oil for sure. **You can get the lavender oil in the premium kit, which you can learn more about here: http://veggieconverter/oilsignup … please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions. I hope this helps!

  3. Danielle says

    I was wondering what you would suggest for fibromyalgia. I also have celiac and am contemplating doing a dextox. I haven’t taken EOs internally yet. I’ve been afraid to due to my belly being so eadily upset. Also, I have someone with adult ADD (a male) who wants to try using EOs to treat it… what would you suggest they use? Thanks in advance :)

  4. Leslie says

    What’s the best way to add gelatin to your diet? Asking for my hubby who has autoimmune issues and definitely needs help!

  5. Crystal says

    I have Rosacea, which from what I seem to be learning, it’s an autoimmune issue. What would you recommend for that? And is there any way to cure autoimmune?

    • says

      As far as curing autoimmune, not that I know of…you can reduce your symptoms and talk to your doctor about treatment. The rosacea may improve with treatment of therapeutic grade lavender, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, chamomile, frankincense, sandalwood OR cedarwood.

      Both lavender and frankincense come in the Young Living starter kit, which you can learn more about here: http://veggieconverter.com/oilsignup